Mining SNPs in extracellular vesicular transcriptome of Trypanosoma cruzi

One of the newest and strongest members of intercellular communicators, the extracellular vesicles (EVs) and their enclosed RNAs; extracellular RNAs (exRNAs) have been acknowledged as putative […]

Source: Mining SNPs in extracellular vesicular transcriptome of Trypanosoma cruzi


With respect, A note to all ‘SCBs’-The ‘So Called BIKERS’


I don`t want to sound judgemental or something but whatever I am gonna say here , annoys me like hell. This is regarding So Called BIKERS (SCBs) who think they are hot like Hollywood actor Nichols Cage of Ghost Rider but actually they seem no less than Ali of movie Dhoom; the only difference is that Ali had a greater I.Q. I don`t know if this is only me or everybody notices it; the SCBs do some most stupid things which they think is supercool to do n they seem proud of their deeds. But the reality is everything they do only makes them the dumbest guys on the face of earth. I have noticed some trademark characterisitics which these SCBs do and I would give some of tiny suggestions to them like

1. Stop Honking

First of all I don`t have any idea how SCBs manage to have truck…

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Travelling by train?

I like travelling. I do. Railway is in fact one of my favourites, not among Buses or flights but among horse carts, rickshaws and bicycles. Although in bollywood movies where train is shown as a fantasy vehicle where ‘Simran’ can get her man – RAJ in train, or a girl can sit at the window seat and a hero can chase the train by his car singing a romantic song to that girl..reality is somewhat different, specially if a girl travels alone.

1. Girl reaching the platform-

This is the very first step where annoying things start to happen. Some people on the platform will instantly strat noticing your outfit and judge you by the way you dressed up for a journey ..and by saying somepeople I mean some aunties present at the platform.

Some start seeing you in a way , like trying to figure out if you are alone or with someone, so that they could stare at you as long as they want to and these ‘Some’ are of-course guys. Then some of the people would try to be nice and ask you about your coach and destination n these are of-course some creepy uncles trying to be guys. 🙂

2. There will be at least one Creep

Now , after finding the coach n seat, girl settles down, manages seat with bedding, n then after some 10 or 15 minutes she would realize that two eyes are constantly looking at her.

It may be some creepy uncle, some guy, may be attendant , anyone. Here , generally girls do some of these things. Either they would make a fake call to a MAN supposed to be travelling with her, or they would simply ignore the creepy one. If these work well , okay!! if they don`t, then chances are there to scold the creepy one or may be requesting the ‘ticket checker’ ( in case he himself is not a creep) to change her seat.

3. There will be at least one superman

This is the most interesting man/ boy in whole journey. My favourite one , because ultimately girls get to laugh just because of this dude. This guy is so obsessed with his macho-ness that he would stand on walking path between the seats while the train is running, putting his both hands in his jeans pockets in sunil shetty style , constantly working on his jaws like a cow while chewing gum in his mouth, and this handsome dude has all the confidence that he will not at all fall or collapse or stumble at all. He is so confidant that he could actually fail all the laws of physics because he is a superman. Doesn`t matter if he falls on some aunty and gets slapped, doesn`t matter if he looses his teeth, doesn`t matter if he spits his chewing gum out of the window and it flies back to his mouth. These things don`t make him any less of a macho-man to do these things again and again. Oh wait!!! may be they forget to pack their common sense everytime.

4. There will be music lovers

I am a big music lover! I really am. But , not every kind of music can soothe my ears or soul. There will be a bunch of people in the train who would keep on playing non-sense , dual meaning songs and if girl , by gathering all the courage asks to stop playing that song, they will obey that instantly and change the song with a new one- ‘pak chik pak raja babu’. I personally have started getting irritated with some songs just because I have heard those songs continuously in whole journey. It feels like some singers , some songs were born to be played in train only. I swear, I have been hearing some songs played in train only since my childhood. I wouldn`t have known some singers if I wasn`t travelling by train.


A Special note to LOVE-Birds

Dear Love birds! I won`t say that you are found in each and every journey but you are there sometimes. And we can totally see that only you guys have actually grasped those -‘must have attitudes’ like -‘zeal’, ‘go-getter’, ‘Do It Now’ etc which we all failed to have in this case, but you guys are hell annoying. So I want to say- Helllo !!! stop conducting your making out session in a totally packed AC compartment. You guys think that you are all covered behind the curtain and nothing can be seen, lemme tell you guys! firstly, it is not always possible for curtain to cover your whole earthquake behind itself and secondly we passengers have EYES. And for Eyes? Okay! they can be managed to see somewhere else, as I am literally not interested in watching anybody making out or conducting the experimental class of animal husbandry on humans but dear love birds!! we have got EARS too. No need to explain ears, I guess!!. So yeah! Next time either calm down yourselves & forget about your ‘Do it Now’ attitude or just make the epicentre of your ‘making-out earthquake’ to a place found in every compartment called Toilet where you can find some useful motivating notes & quotes as well, may be written by some less fortunate guys/ girls who probably weren`t as lucky as you were for conducting their experiments.

Thank you