With respect, A note to all ‘SCBs’-The ‘So Called BIKERS’


I don`t want to sound judgemental or something but whatever I am gonna say here , annoys me like hell. This is regarding So Called BIKERS (SCBs) who think they are hot like Hollywood actor Nichols Cage of Ghost Rider but actually they seem no less than Ali of movie Dhoom; the only difference is that Ali had a greater I.Q. I don`t know if this is only me or everybody notices it; the SCBs do some most stupid things which they think is supercool to do n they seem proud of their deeds. But the reality is everything they do only makes them the dumbest guys on the face of earth. I have noticed some trademark characterisitics which these SCBs do and I would give some of tiny suggestions to them like

1. Stop Honking

First of all I don`t have any idea how SCBs manage to have truckā€¦

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