Types of Students in a University/ College

University/ College is that magical place where students follow their dreams. Dreams might be of different kinds for different students but that`s another thing to talk about. Although, there are some types of students which I think, are found in every college/ University. Every class has at least a few students who

1. are like- Mujhe kuchh nahi aata (I don`t know anything) when the fact is-they are the ‘book bugs’-
Dude/Girl!! if you don`t know anything, how the hell are you topper of the class? Why are you always chant lines like -I don’t know/ I have no idea/ I don`t study at all. Stop it .I get confused here. By studying, you take knowledge not black money that you can`t talk about it or share it. Moreover, Before every result announcement why you intelligent people get nervous like hell. In fact some people cry before the result when the truth is that after result they will be the ones to give party for being topper. Why the hell do you cry then in the first place?? You make other average or above average students confused and hopeful for nothing. They are the poor ones who see you ‘book bugs’ cry before results and be hopeful for themselves that-okay! If he or she is crying may be his/ her exam dint go well and I might be the topper this time. But after result, you take away every hope. Don`t do it. Stop playing with emotions.

2. are like- Mujhe sab aata hai ( I know everything) when the fact is they are book ‘bugs’ who eat head-

Now this is even more irritating category. These people are those who claim to know everything when the truth is they have either none or a very superficial knowledge about anything. They are the ones, who can tell you the type of classical raag in song- chaar bottle vodka of yo yo. If, you talk about politics- they know everything, You talk about education system- they know how to improve it, You talk about bollywood- they will tell you the wedding date of salman khan, You talk about science- They will claim to have invented life on Mars and higher I.Q. than Einstein. Chill!! You are not mad genious. You can not be sheldon cooper of every field. 😛

3. are from Bhed Chaal- ones who Jump on the Bandwagon:

These are kind of students who are studying in a particular college/ University and pursuing a particular course because their parents or may be their biggest well wishers like their neighbours wanted it. These students don`t take much interest in the study / extracurricular but they know they have to pass the exam and take the degree. They are like those stock of clothes which don`t draw much attention in a shopping mall during whole year but they somehow get clearance in annual sale.

4. are -The Illusionist ones

They are the mysterious ones. They are the ones who don`t get understood well. Intelligent students take them as foolish personalities. Teachers would see them lil brainy but careless and non-sincere. Stupid students feel good by considering themselves just a little less from these kind of students. But someday, these kind of students get into the news n then we become like- whattt!!! that girl/ guy chewing gum cracked civil services?? :O

5. are- The super stupid

Now, they are the ones who are like- 5th grade chimps. They don`t have any idea about any thing and they don`t give a damn about it. You will hurt your head thinking how the hell they managed to reach college. The last thing they want to do is study. They like being involved in bakaiti (nonsense talks and actions) and boasting, they don`t indulge themselves in any academic activity, they know exam schedule a day before exam, they cheat in exam and Sometimes they can be found as leaders of category 3 and the greatest thing with them are that they know these things about them and still are proud of themselves.



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