With respect, A note to all ‘SCBs’-The ‘So Called BIKERS’

I don`t want to sound judgmental or something but whatever I am gonna say here , annoys me like hell. This is regarding So Called BIKERS (SCBs) who think they are hot like Hollywood actor Nichols Cage of Ghost Rider but actually they seem no less than Ali of movie Dhoom; the only difference is that Ali had a greater I.Q. I don`t know if this is only me or everybody notices it; the SCBs do some most stupid things which they think is supercool to do n they seem proud of their deeds. But the reality is everything they do only makes them the dumbest guys on the face of earth. I have noticed some trademark characteristics which these SCBs do and I would give some of tiny suggestions to them like

1. Stop Honking

First of all I don`t have any idea how SCBs manage to have truck horns in their bikes. If they get their original bike horns modified into truck horns, it is expected from them but if bike makers put these kind of super-loud horns in bikes by default then I would request Ali to counsel these motor bike companies. Secondly, I don`t understand why SCBs blow horn on empty road. Do they check their hearing capability or want other people to check on theirs? Human ear bones are the tiniest , I believe it`s not only evolution. It might be the effect of your stupid horn sound that even EAR bones could not HEAR the mother nature when she was ordering them to grow more. And dudes!! in a jam packed road, keep blowing your freakishly loud bike horn would not make other vehicles FLY. They would move when they get the way. So STOP HONKING.

2. Calm down your male ego

Dear SCBs, if some girl overtakes you that does not mean that she wants to race around. She might be in hurry or may be she simply overtook you. You don`t need to take that on your male ego. So don`t rely on your testosterones and don`t run your bike in snake motion just to overtake her again. And the silliest thing you do after overtaking is looking back at the girl and giving a victorious smile. CLAPS for that. I totally praise your victory. I wonder why they have not announced a Nobel prize for this type of epic victory.

3. Pink can never completely be blue

BTW (By the way) I am totally okay if you SCBs ride a scooty. It is a vehicle anybody can ride it. But, just so you know bro! Riding a scooty in max speed which is like possibly 90 km/h , in snake run style will neither convert your scooty to a Harley nor will it make other people see your scooty as Thunderbird.So Calm down! Either pick a real bike or just treat a scooty as it is because it is humiliating not for you guys or us girls, but for the scooty itself. You confuse scooty. Scooty can question her parents the way she is treated by you guys.

4. Stop Blabbering,

I understand that it is damn hard for you SCBs to make sense in anyway. I think your biking skills come in package deal with art of blabbering, shouting rubbish- the kooda bakwas. A girl passes by- you pass comment. A guy is faster than you-you become abusive. A traffic controller shows a hand sign to stop you on a four way- you blabber like he has stopped some leader or minister or prince. Shut the hell up.

Well , I am not saying that every guy with a bike does these things. This whole thing is for those SCBs -the So called Bikers who do (although they won`t admit). I wish them all the brain. šŸ˜›


A special note to Pillions-

Dear Pillions! I see you sitting on the back seat of the bike. When your SCB who drives the bike overtakes my scooty, you seem the happiest person on earth. You look back at me , move your fingers in your hair or sometimes on your bald head and give me a victorious smile. You celebrate this joyous moment with your bike rider friend by telling him if am going to take right or left turn so that you guys slow down your bike , wait for me to reach you so that you could say some beautiful piece of crap to me. You are amazing. We girls just adore you pillions. Just keep pooping up this way.

Wish you have All our pepper spray.


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