5 Things you should never ask/say to a PhD scholar

I know! I know! I am at the same place where other research scholars are. When people hear the word ‘PhD’ they assume that the person doing it would be absolute nerd, loner, boring and introvert. Well , I have no idea how and why people think so but yes most people do that way. I remember a month back my younger cousin asked if I ever watch movies. I was stunned not only with the question but also with the facial expression he had while asking this. It was like he would be surprised anyway. If I say that I don`t watch movies it will be surprising for him but seeing his expression I was more afraid that if I say yes! I do watch movies he would be even more surprised.  I, in fact have faced some  stupid , silly and kind of epic questions , I did not know answers of. You know what, we are seen like those extra weird kind of species which people wonder about if we belong to same planet as they do. They think that all Ph.D scholars belong to a special family of nerds who waste their time in taking a degree that makes them a fake DOCTOR who can`t even cure anything. So here I am going to mention those 5 things which I think people should never say /ask to a Ph.D. scholar and if you say/ ask, be ready to hear stupid and sarcastic answers like below as well.

1. Do you get paid for PhD?

NO NO. How could we get money? We are donkeys. We only carry weight and we have no right to eat.

2. You must have powered spectacles.

Oh yes yes!! All Ph.D. scholars have weak eyes. In fact, if we do not have weak eyes, we work hard to get those. We stare at the candle, we keep our laptops at full brightness, we watch TV continuously for hours and hours. Having weak eyes is one of the targets to achieve before joining for a PhD. If ,by chance, after all these things we fail to have weak eyes, we use zero powered glasses so that none would suspect us of not being a PhD scholar.

3. You are doing Ph.D (With extra large eyes)? Then you must be very senior/ older to me.

Yeah !no matter how young we are, we are assumed to be like 35.Yeah! We are treated like senior citizens of student population.Yeah yeah! I support it. In fact you know?we -PhD scholar, are born 35. We have never seen the childhood, teen-hood etc.We don`t know what other life stages are.

4. Don`t worry about PhD. It goes on, it will be done anyway.

How ?? How will it be done anyway? Is it a nature call?

5.  WHEN WILL IT BE OVER?(The most epic & irritating one)

First of all, asking this question every once in a while would not help me finish my PhD. So don`t ask this stupid question- “ ARE YOU DONE WITH YOUR PHD?” every time you see me. It is PhD, not lose motion that It would happen automatically, in a blink of an eye. In fact PhD is just like constipation, as you think it`s gonna happen, but no matter how much time you spend sitting there and how much pressure you put in , it does not happen.


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